3 Ways To Overcome Depression

Depression makes you think the world is ending, but it’s not. Depression is a serious problem if left alone because it can ruin your life. Don’t let depression get to you. Cope with depression by following these steps.

Recognizing Depression

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Distinguish depression from feeling sad. Yes, there are many reasons for someone to feel sad, ranging from the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, a relationship that is not improving, trauma, or stress. Everyone feels sad once in a while and that’s perfectly normal. It’s not normal for you to be sad for too long, because that’s called depression. Or even worse, you usually feel sad and depressed, but don’t know what’s causing it. To deal with depression you have, you must first understand it.

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Accept the fact that depression is a psychological illness. Depression is not just a thought, but a disease and must be treated medically, because:

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that function to convey messages to the brain. Abnormal levels of neurotransmitters are one of the causes of depression in the brain.

Changes in hormone balance can cause depression. These changes can be caused by problems with the thyroid gland, menopause, or due to childbirth.

Although it has not been proven in detail, observers state that people who are depressed are reported to experience changes in the shape of the brain.

Depression is usually hereditary, which means it’s brought on by genes. Researchers are currently still trying to study it.

You may feel guilty if it turns out that your child is depressed and maybe it’s because it was passed on to you. But remember that you can’t control your genes, so it’s not your fault. Instead of regretting the inevitable, try teaching your child not to get depressed, or asking someone else for help.

See a doctor

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Make an appointment with the doctor. Depression can cause other mental and physical problems. It’s important to tell your doctor what’s going on, because that way the doctor knows what’s going on and how to help you.

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If you feel the need, find a doctor or psychiatrist who is an expert in this field by searching the internet or asking for a recommendation from your general practitioner or from a friend.

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Be prepared to see the doctor. Doctor’s exams usually pass quickly, so you need to make sure that your exams are effective and don’t waste time.

Write down the symptoms you are experiencing

Write down important personal information, such as important events that happened to you.

Write down any medications you have taken, including any medications or vitamins you have taken.

Write down questions you want to ask your doctor, such as:

What kind of treatment is best for me?

What kind of test should I take?

How can I control my depression?

Any material I can take home or a website I can read to help?

Your doctor will definitely ask you some questions, and you should be prepared to answer them:

Does your family have the same symptoms?

When did you first notice these symptoms?

Are you just feeling down? Or has your mood become erratic?

Have you ever thought about committing suicide?

How is your sleep pattern now?

Does this affect your daily activities?

Have you ever used illegal drugs or alcohol?

Have you previously been diagnosed with a mental illness?

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Have someone accompany you. Ask a trusted friend or family member to accompany you to see the doctor. They can definitely help you tell your doctor what they remember and help you remember what the doctor has advised you.

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Visit your doctor. In addition to receiving a psychological evaluation, you may receive physical tests such as measuring your weight and height and blood pressure, as well as laboratory tests such as blood tests and an evaluation of your thyroid gland.

Changing Lifestyle

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Take your medication regularly. If your doctor prescribes medication to treat your depression, take it according to the rules and recommendations for use. Don’t stop until you see your doctor again and he tells you to stop taking it.

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If you are or plan to become pregnant, consult your doctor further. Some antidepressants can have a negative effect on the womb. Tell your condition so that the doctor can provide the best solution and treatment for you and your child.

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Follow regular psychotherapy. Psychotherapy or consulting therapy is an important follow-up in dealing with depression. Psychotherapy can help you regain satisfaction and control over your life, relieve symptoms of depression, and make you more prepared for other stressors going forward.

During the consultation session, you will become more familiar with your own behavior, thoughts, relationships, and experiences. And it’s important to know more about your depression. You’ll also learn how to deal with and overcome life’s problems and set realistic goals, all of which can make you stronger and happier.

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Ask for assistance. Admitting that you have depression can be difficult, especially when you have to share it with other people. However, it is an important thing to do. Seek help from friends, family, or a trusted clergyman. You need other people to help you overcome this depression. Tell them about your depression and ask them to help. Those who are willing to help you will be with you in dealing with depression every day.

It’s not just you who will benefit from talking about depression. It’s possible that your story can help someone else deal with depression that he or she is experiencing.

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Practice imagining positive things every day. In medical terms, this is called cognitive behavioral therapy, and it is one of the most commonly used therapies to treat depression. This therapy is an attempt to identify your negative beliefs and behaviors, and replace them with more positive ones. There are a lot of things and situations out there that you can’t control, so what you can do is control your approach and perspective on those situations.

For better results and processes, seek the help of a consultant or therapist for this therapy. They can identify negative situations in your life and know how to make you look at them in a more positive light.

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3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Sport. Physical activity can reduce symptoms of depression. So, start exercising. Look for physical activities that you enjoy doing regularly, such as:



Team sports (tennis, football, volleyball and more)




3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Manage your stress. Meditation, yoga, or tai chi can be great solutions. Balance your life, leave unnecessary activities, and take time to care for yourself.

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Enough sleep. Adequate sleep is important for physical and mental health. If you have trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor.

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Out of the house. When you’re depressed, getting out of the house is probably the thing you least want to do. But shutting yourself in isn’t going to make you any better. Get out there and do something, stay in touch with your friends and family.

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Keep a journal. Being aware of what you’re thinking and how those thoughts affect your mood is important for dealing with depression effectively. Try to keep a journal with you to keep track of all your thoughts.

Show your journal to your doctor or therapist.

Use your writing time as a time to practice positive thinking.

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Stop overusing the drug. Consumption of alcohol, nicotine, and drugs can increase the risk of depression. Indeed, all three will mask the symptoms of depression for a while, but in the long run you will only make your depression worse. If you want to give up alcohol, nicotine, or drugs, ask friends or family for help, or go to rehab if you have a severe addiction.

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Eat regularly and healthy. Eat a complete and balanced diet and take vitamins. A healthy body will create a healthy mind, so take care of your body condition.

3 Cara untuk Mengatasi Depresi

Strengthen your body and mind connection. Medical practitioners believe that the body and mind have their own harmony. Techniques that can strengthen the body-mind connection include:




Imagination exercise

Massage therapy

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