3 Ways To Stimulate Cough

There are specific reasons why you should induce a cough, when many people want to get rid of it. Some of these reasons, for example, to clear phlegm in the throat when you have a cold or when you have to prepare for public speaking. The “creating” cough is also needed by people with chronic lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), with the aim of clearing mucus in the lungs. The same is true for people with disabilities, such as quadriplegics (paraplegics)—who may not have the muscular ability to cough productively.

Changing the Way You Breathe

3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Breathe in quickly and sharply, then “close” your throat passages. Changing the way you breathe and combining it with restricting the flow of air into your throat can trigger a cough. Take deep breaths quickly and sharply with the aim of drying the mouth and throat area. Tighten your throat, then try to exhale. Also tighten your abdominal muscles and push the air out while keeping the airways to your throat closed. This can help trigger a cough.

3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Try a huff cough (breathing technique and cough “practice” for postoperative patients; start by taking a slow breath in, then exhaling sharply until you make a “ huff ” sound ). Huff cough is a type of cough that is gentle and low pressure, especially for those of you who are unable or do not have sufficient lung capacity to “cough” normally. Usually, this method is applied to people with cystic fibrosis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). There are several steps to doing a huff cough , including:

Slow down your breathing by exhaling for a count of four.

Inhale approximately 75{0cab0315eb88983cc6345dfecff4f621a8cecabbfee422d927279c9ad2a3b209} percent of the normal (inhalation) way.

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The shape of the mouth resembles the letter “O”. Try to keep the voice box (larynx) in an open position.

Contract your abdominal muscles to force air up through your mouth. Here, you should produce a soft “ huff ” sound .

Inhale quickly and shallowly, then make another “ huff ” sound .

3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Make a “fake cough”. Creating a “fake cough” may trigger a real cough. To begin with, clear your throat. Tighten your stomach muscles to push air into your throat, which eventually exits through your mouth.

3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Breathe in the cool dry air. In winter, the air is often cold and dry. You can use this to create a cough. Cold, dry air can remove moisture from the throat and mouth, causing “spasms” in the airways. This method will trigger a cough, especially if you are prone to asthma.

Take a big, deep breath. Make sure the air enters the airways, even up to the lungs.

Inhaling Substance

3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Inhale the steam from the boiling water. Boil the water in a kettle (or other water heater), then pour the water into a bowl. While being mindful of the heat, position your face directly over the bowl. Breathe deeply and quickly, so that the water vapor is inhaled, enters, then condenses in the lungs. Your system will treat the condensed water vapor as water, so your body will try to expel it by stimulating coughing.

3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Inhale citric acid. Citric acid has indeed been used in a number of medical trials as a tussive agent (a substance that triggers the cough reflex). You can put an ingredient that contains citric acid, such as orange or lemon juice, into a nebulizer , which creates a “mist” that can then be inhaled into the lungs. Furthermore, this method can trigger a cough response.,

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3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Inhale the aromatic oil of mustard. A previous medical study showed that inhaling mustard oil can trigger a cough. Put a few drops of mustard oil in a bottle and sniff the smell to create a cough.

3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Cook chili. Chili contains a compound called capsaicin (capsaicin) which can irritate the mouth, throat, and airways. Cooking the chili will convert some of its molecules into air, which you can then breathe in. At that time, irritation occurs in the throat and lungs, which for many people, can trigger a cough.,

3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Suck mucus down the throat. If you have a cold and your nose is stuffy, draw the phlegm back into your mouth and throat to stimulate coughing. This can affect postnasal drip , which is a condition when mucus (snot) will seep into the throat through the nasal passages. As for this method, it can trigger a cough, and potentially even prolong the cough.

3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Inhalation of allergens such as dust or smoke. Accidentally inhaling allergens such as dust, pollen, or smoke will usually trigger a cough, especially if you are someone who is sensitive to allergens. Place your face in front of the duster and then open your mouth. Breathe quickly, and deeply.

Alternately, ask someone to blow a cigarette in your face. Breathe in through your mouth to deliver the smoke to your lungs. For those of you who are non-smokers, generally this method can directly stimulate coughing. However, if you are a smoker, this method may not be very effective.

3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Smells a lot of bad smell. The lungs have a way of detecting foul, irritating odors that elicit a coughing reaction, such as toxic chemicals or foul odors. In the process, as a way of protecting themselves, the lungs tend to “record” the memory of the smell. This is why you often have sharp and sudden responses, such as choking or coughing, when you inhale a nagging odor.

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Search and find something that really smells bad, such as stale food or feces. In reaction to a foul odor, you may choke or cough.

Attempting to Cough for Medical Purposes

3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Use a cough stimulator. This type of device is used for people with disabilities who do not have the ability to cough normally. Usually, this device is implanted under the skin near the neck or upper chest. Its function is to send electronic signals to the phrenic nerve (located in the neck), so that the diaphragm contracts and causes an inhalation. Continuing this signal will cause a small spasm that triggers a cough.

3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Apply pressure to the chest. A caregiver or even a nurse can help patients with disabilities cough by pressing firmly on the torso (trunk) under the ribs. At the same time, the patient should exhale or try to cough. This pressure should trigger a cough which in turn can help clear the lungs in the event of a chest infection.

A caregiver must be careful to apply pressure to avoid injury or injury to the patient.

3 Cara untuk Merangsang Batuk

Use fentanyl to stimulate a cough. Fentanyl is a pain medication given as an anesthetic by a healthcare professional. An intravenous injection of fentanyl tends to induce cough in the patient.,

Fentanyl injections are only used when the patient is undergoing anesthesia for a medical procedure. As for this method, it will not be a common method of inducing coughing.

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