How To Get Rid Of A Big Thumb

The arched toe is a bony bulge that forms at the base joint of the toe. Bowed toes are formed when tight shoes, injuries, or inherited bone structure result in the thumb being pushed toward the other toes. Eventually, the thumb joint enlarges and becomes painful and can lead to difficulty exercising and walking. This article discusses lifestyle changes, home remedies, and medical options that can help you get rid of your thumb.

Use of natural resources

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Try foot exercises. Exercise can help slow down or even stop the development of your thumb and prevent you from eventually undergoing surgery. Try the following exercises every day, especially after taking off your shoes:

Stretch your thumb. Use your fingers to pull your thumb in the correct alignment with the rest of your fingers.

Stretch the rest of your fingers. Simply stretch them straight for ten seconds and then round them down for 10 seconds. Repeat several times.

Flex your fingers. Push your fingers against the floor or wall until they are bent back. Hold and release for 10 seconds. Repeat several times.

Pinch something with your fingers. Practice lifting a piece of clothing or towel with your fingers, drop it, and then lift it again.

Jak se zbavit vbočeného palce – wikiHow

Wear a thumb correction pad or shoe insoles to rearrange your fingers. If you catch an embossed thumb at an early stage, a correction pad purchased from any pharmacy or drugstore can help relieve pain and point your thumb back in the right direction. Shoe insoles can also help rearrange your toes when you’re wearing shoes.

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Jak se zbavit vbočeného palce – wikiHow

Keep your foot and toes in a normal position. Your fingers may adjust to their normal position after they have been taped for a week or two. If you need assistance with this procedure, ask your doctor.

Jak se zbavit vbočeného palce – wikiHow

Relieve the pain. Practicing your feet and toes is right and good, but you should also address the pain. Relieve leg pain using the following methods:

Soak your feet in warm water. Prepare a bowl of warm water and let the feet soak for twenty minutes. The heat calms your joints and temporarily relieves pain.

Try an ice pack. For especially bad pain, an ice pack is a good choice. Fill the plastic bag with ice and wrap it with a thin towel. Apply the ice pack several times a day for twenty minutes.

Take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen to relieve the pain.

Jak se zbavit vbočeného palce – wikiHow

An elastic toe thumb orthosis, such as ValguLoc, has been shown to be effective in correcting hallux valgus and relieving sore toe.

Treatment of a more severe thumb

Jak se zbavit vbočeného palce – wikiHow

Talk to your doctor. If you experience extreme pain that seems to worsen, or if your foot no longer fits your shoes, consult a doctor immediately. It is possible to slow down or stop the process of a bent thumb, but in reality you cannot cure it yourself.

Jak se zbavit vbočeného palce – wikiHow

Take prescription pain medications. In some cases, your doctor will recommend lifestyle changes and prescribe pain medications. To prevent deterioration of the arched thumb, be sure to follow your doctor’s advice.

Jak se zbavit vbočeného palce – wikiHow

Consider surgery. As a last resort, consider undergoing surgery to remove your thumb, trim the bone of your thumb, and re-align your thumb with the other fingers. Bent thumb surgery is common and is considered the only treatment for a bent thumb.

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There are several options for thumb surgery. Do your research with your doctor to find out which option is best for you.

Surgery with a big thumb usually helps, but does not guarantee that you will be completely pain-free or that your thumb will look perfectly straight.

Complement the operation with the right lifestyle changes and exercise to prevent pain and inflammation in the future.

Lifestyle changes

Jak se zbavit vbočeného palce – wikiHow

Go barefoot. Whether you have inherited a predisposition to bent thumbs from one of your parents, or bent thumbs are the result of a lifetime of shoes that have been too narrow, spending as much time as possible walking barefoot can prevent and even cure bent thumbs. Walking barefoot strengthens the muscles in your legs and helps the bones regroup to their natural position, rather than matching the shape of the shoe.

However, if your bowed thumbs are advanced and very painful, you may feel worse when walking barefoot. If this is the case for you, only walk barefoot on thick carpeted floors. Otherwise, when you walk around the house and do daily activities, wear socks with cushions.

Wearing thick comfortable slippers at home is another way to help relieve the pain of your arched toes without exposing your feet to pressure when wearing shoes.

Jak se zbavit vbočeného palce – wikiHow

See if your shoes worsen your arched thumbs. You may think they are comfortable and good for your foot, but even sneakers and other sports shoes can make your big toes worse. Wear support shoes with the right cushions and arches. If you are in doubt about what shoes to buy, ask your doctor for advice.

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Make sure your shoes are the right size for you. Wearing shoes that are too small can worsen your thumbs. When trying on shoes, your thumb should never touch the end of your shoe. Use the thumb rule: make sure there is a thumb width between the tip of your toe and the end of the shoe.

Do not wear high heels or pointed shoes. They are nice, but heels and stylish pointed shoes are terrible on the park. They lead to further pain and prevent the bowed thumb from healing. Wear less restrictive sandals whenever possible.

Jak se zbavit vbočeného palce – wikiHow

Avoid activities that lead to crooked thumbs. Ballet dancing and other activities that require tapered shoes can lead to crooked toes. If it is not possible to do activities in shoes that are healthier for your feet, avoid activities altogether.

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