How To Reduce Swelling Of Fingers: 9 Steps

Swollen fingers are usually caused by injury or edema, which is a condition where fluid builds up in one part of the body. Edema can occur in the hands, feet, and wrists. Edema can occur due to pregnancy, medication, or other medical conditions, such as kidney problems, complications in the lymphatic system or congestive heart failure. Here are some suggestions for reducing finger swelling.

Diagnosing the Swelling You Suffer

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Be aware that swelling can have a number of causes. By understanding the medical reason for it, then you can determine the right treatment to treat the swelling.

Swelling caused by injury . Injury is one of the factors that often causes swelling. Fluids, including blood, will accumulate in the injured area, and cause swelling in the area. Treat it by applying a cold compress to the area (so the blood vessels constrict), then apply a warm compress (this will help remove the fluid).

See your doctor right away if you have had a bruise or injury for more than two weeks, if the swelling is getting more frequent or worse, or if you see signs of a skin infection.

Cara Mengurangi Bengkak pada Jari Tangan: 9 Langkah

Also know about other things that can cause swelling. The following things also need to be watched out for.

Swelling caused by an allergic reaction . When an allergy is triggered, your body releases histamine into your bloodstream. To reduce swelling, you can take antihistamines. If you experience severe difficulty in breathing after an allergic reaction, see a doctor immediately.

Swelling caused by obesity . Obesity causes the lymphatic system in the body to work more slowly, causing edema in the hands and feet. Consult your doctor or dietitian for a weight loss plan if you believe your swelling is due to obesity.

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Swelling caused by infection . For example, your hands may feel the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome or cellulitis. The bacterial infection that causes disease in your hands will enter your bloodstream and lymph nodes, so it is very important that you seek medical help if you suspect that your swelling is due to an infection.

Treating Swollen Fingers

Cara Mengurangi Bengkak pada Jari Tangan: 9 Langkah

Move the swollen finger. You can pump fluid back into the heart by moving your finger. By moving the finger, blood will flow to the area around the finger, and will stimulate the pressure needed to pump out the accumulated fluid. The movements you can do can be very simple, such as typing, flexing your fingers, or using your hands when getting dressed or preparing breakfast. The movement you do on the finger will gradually reduce the swelling of the finger.

If you don’t have time for exercise/movement, take a leisurely 15 minute walk every day. Walking for 10-15 minutes will increase blood circulation in your body. Swing or move your arms up and down as you walk.

People who are obese are more likely to develop edema because their lymphatic system works more slowly. Swelling will shrink when the lymphatic system in the human body works effectively. You can make your lymphatic system more effective by increasing physical activity, exercising, filling your diet with fresh fruits, vegetables and protein, and drinking more water.

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Raise your hands and fingers. Swelling can also occur due to poor blood circulation or pooled blood in your hands. By raising your hand, the stagnant blood will slowly flow back down to your body.

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Lift your swollen fingers and fingers above your heart and hold them for 30 minutes to treat moderately severe edema. Doctors also recommend that you place your hand over your heart while you sleep.

Hold your hand and fingers in an elevated position for a short period of time to reduce minor swelling.

Try lifting your hands above your head, clasping your palms together, and lowering them to the back of your head. Move your head back so that your hands are intertwined with each other. After 30 seconds, release your hands and shake them, then repeat this process a few times.

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Massage the swollen finger. Firmly massage the swollen part of the finger. The massage will stimulate the muscles and blood flow to your finger, thereby helping you with removing the fluid that has been building up on your finger.

Consider using a hand and foot massage. The fee for this service is not expensive.

Massage your own hands. Use the thumb and forefinger of one hand to pinch the other. Massage the other hand using the thumb and forefinger pinching it from the base of the palm to the tips of the fingers. Repeat until you’ve massaged all your fingers, when you’re done, massage the other hand.

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Wear compression gloves. Compression gloves will apply pressure to the hands and fingers, reducing fluid build-up.

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Reduce salt intake. Salt causes the body to retain more water and fluids, and can have an effect on your fingers. By reducing your salt intake, you reduce the chances of excess fluid retention. If you feel the food is too bland with a little salt, use other spices to add flavor to the food.

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Keep the room temperature in your home or office. Moderate temperatures will provide a smoother blood circulation. By keeping the room temperature stable, you can reduce swelling in your fingers caused by extreme changes in room temperature.

According to studies, baths and hot compresses will increase swelling, including swelling of the fingers.

Direct contact between the swelling and cold temperatures can also increase the swelling. However, if your swelling is caused by a bruise (not a build-up of fluid), compressing the swelling with something cold (like an ice cube wrapped in a cloth) will reduce the swelling.

Cara Mengurangi Bengkak pada Jari Tangan: 9 Langkah

Take medicine. Drugs such as diuretics usually work well enough to reduce fluid retention in patients with edema and swelling. By taking the medication your doctor prescribes, the swelling in your finger may go away.

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